In Studio you can add popups to your pages. 

We currently support 3 types of popups (each are to be set individually for each page)

  • Entry popup: the popup will be triggered when the page loads (you can set a delay after which the popup is displayed)
  • Exit popup: the popup will be triggered whenever a visitor leaves the page
  • Regular (triggered) popup: the popup will be triggered when someone clicks a link on your page

Proceed as follows for all types of popup: when editing a given page, Click the Popups section (left sidebar), then select the type of popup you want to setup, then drag and drop the popup template of your choice into the canvas. You can then edit it as you see fit (add images, text, countdown timer, link the optin form to your Lead Channels...)

Entry / Exit Popup:

Once done, drag and drop the template of your choice and you will see an icon to edit its settings:

For entry and exit popups: you can decide if you want to show the popup with every visit or only for the first visit (in which case, if a visitor comes back to your page, the popup won't show up)

For entry popup: you can set a dealy in seconds (popup will then show xx seconds after the page loads and not immediately. Leave 0 second to show the popup right after the page loads)

Triggered / regular popup:

When you add a regular popup you will see an ID in the settings panel. You can copy this ID and then use it to trigger the popup whenever someone clicks a link:

On the page you're editing (and for which you've added the regular popup), you can setup any button to open the popup simply by pasting the regular popup ID into the URL field of this button.

Deleting a popup:

simply go back to the popup you want to delete and open the settings panel, then click the Bin icon and confirm. It will remove the current popup. you can then add a new one if you wish.