Adding a custom domain or ifunnels subdomain

To start publishing websites created using the Studio, you will need to add a custom domain to iFunnels.

We will then host your pages on our secure and fast servers.

1/ Go to Add new domain

2/a) You can create an subdomain. This way you don't need any external hosting.

Click the Create subdomain option, then enter the name of your choice and click Check to verify it's available.

When available, you can simply click Add domain, and you can now host all your pages (Lead Funnels, Studio) using this subdomain)

2/b)  If you already have a domain you want to use with iFunnels, click the "host one of your existing domain".

Then enter your domain name and click "check". You will then be prompted instructions to update the DNS of your domain at your registrar level (DNS1:

DNS2: You may also use an A record (

Then click Add Domain:

2/c) iFunnels can also register and host a domain for you (domain will belong to you and will be registered under your name).

Make sure to first provide your contact details here:

(without those details we won't be able to register your domain name).

Then go back to Add a new domain and select the 2b option, and simply follow the instructions.

Your domain will then be all set automatically and you will not need to do anything else.